Brocade belts for officers

The following brocade belts are available: Prussia, Baden, Oldenburg, IR 92 - IR 95, IR 153, Colonial Troops, Wurttemberg and music master (all buckles silver plated and gilt deliverable). Brocade belts of both Mecklenburg, Bavaria, Hesse and the IR 96 are not available. Leather officer belts of the Great War are with all buckles possible. Please give us your waist size.

FeldbindePr FeldbindeSchTr FeldbindeIR94

Prussia: also available with silver plated buckle and underlay in other colors

Brocade Belt for Colonial Troops with red pipe at the center

Sachsen-Weimar: IR 94

FeldbindeWürt FeldbindeIR92 FeldBayWK1

Wurttemberg: also with silver plated buckle available

Brunswick: IR 92

Bavaria: officer leather belt (WW I)

FBSchloßPrS FBSchlossHess FBSchloß92

Prussia: also gilt possible

Hesse: also gilt possible

Brunswick: IR 92

FBSchloßAug FBSchloßSachs FBSchlossWürt

Saxony: (also silver-plated) - up to 1902

Saxony: (also silver-plated; depending on the colour of the tunic buttons) - after 1902

Wurttemberg: also silver plated available

FBSchloß94 FBSchloß95 FBSchloß153

Sachsen-Weimar-Eisenach: IR 94

Sachsen-Coburg-Gotha: IR 95

Sachsen-Altenburg: IR 153

FBSchloßMeck FBSchlossMusik

Mecklenburg-Schwerin: also silver plated

Music Master: also silver plated possible


Oldenburg and Baden: also silver

Belts and Buckles for EM

Below is a small sample of the buckles which we can offer. Of course all examples are copies which replicate the originals as closely as possible. The belts we offer are in black, brown or white leather of the finest quality. When ordering please state belt size desired or waist size.





KoppelBay KoppelReich


German Empire - Navy, Marines, Colonial Troops


Saxony (also brass on silver according the colour of the buttoms)


Saxony: IR 107

Koppel108 KoppelHess1

Saxony: Schutzen-Regiment 108 (reproduction on left, original on right)


KoppelMeck KoppelMeck1