Most of the buttons are individuelly made. They consist of copper and got a special finish. That´s the reason that little differences can occur. The Rank Buttons are available for the “Blue uniform”, the fieldgrey uniform M 1907/10 and for the uniform M 1915 resp. M 1916 (Bavaria). Both colors of the buttons (Yellow and White) of the “Blue uniform” were used for the fieldgrey types too (as paint).

KnopfePr KnopfeBad KnopfeMeckSt


Baden: “own” buttons existed only for the “Blue Uniform”; for fieldgrey uniforms were only Prussian buttons used

Mecklenburg-Strelitz: existed only “Yellow” buttons

KnopfeMeckSn KnopfeSa



KnopfeWurtt KnopfeHess



KnopfeBay NrKnopf KnopfKp1

Bayaria: allways a right and a left button; in 1916 came a new model

 Number-Buttons for shoulderboards of Enlisted and NCO Ranks ( No 1 - 14)

Number-Buttons of the 1st Company: left - Hesse IR115; right: Prussia 1st Garde-
Regiment zu Fuss; Mecklenburg Grenadier-Rgt. 89

KnopfM15 NrKnopfM10 Knopf1GRzFM10

Uniform buttons M 1915: “fieldgrey laque according the colour of the buttons of the pre-war uniform

Number-Buttons M 1907/10 for shoulderboards of Enlisted and NCO-Ranks (without No. 14)

No.-Button of the 1st Company M 1907/10: Prussia - 1st Garde-Regiment zu Fuss; Mecklenburg - Grenadier-Rgt. 89