Below is a small sample of the available Pickelhauben and Mutzen we offer. Generally we can say , for all plates we offer we also can make the helmet in the size you need. The cockades are not included with the Mutzen and Kratzchen as there is not at present a steady source of supply. When available, we will of course be happy to supply them.


Prussia: Officer Ranks Grenadier-Rgmt. Nr. 3


Oldenburg: Officer Ranks
 IR 91


Baden: Leib-Dragoon-Rgmt. 20 - Officer Ranks


Saxon-Weimar-Eisenach: Officer Ranks IR 94


Bavaria: Officer Ranks

HelmGenStab HelmGenPr HelmGenBad HelmBayObst HelmGenBay

Prussia: Officer Ranks of Generalstaff

Prussia: General

Baden: General - in this form worn only by the Grand Duke and his familiy (in case they were Generals)

Bavaria: Colonel in position of a General (up to 1898)

Bavaria: General

HelmFlügelFSR HelmGardeOffz Helm1GRzF HelmOffzGr1 HelmDR17Offz

Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt: Flugeladjutant - eagle with "FUERST"-Bandeau

Prussia: Officer Ranks of the Guard-Regiments

Prussia: 1st Garde-Regiment zu Fuss/ Staff+1st Btl. - EM

Prussia: Officer Ranks; Grenadier-Regiment No. 1

Mecklenburg-Schwerin: Dragoon-Rgmt. 17, Officer Ranks

HelmJzPf8 HelmKurMann HelmKur1Mann HelmKur2Mann HelmSaAriMann

Prussia: Jager zu Pferd (from Rgmt. No. 8) - Enlisted Ranks

Prussia: front line Kurassiers - Enlisted Ranks

Prussia: Kurassier-Rgmt. No 1 - Enlisted Ranks

Prussia: Kurassier-Rgmt. No 2 - Enlisted Ranks

Saxony: Foot Artillry - Enlisted Ranks

HelmBayAriMann HelmIR73Mann HelmDR2Offz HelmOffzGR109 HelmIR93Offz

Bavaria: Field Artillry - Enlisted Ranks; for Parade use with convex chinscale

Prussia: IR 73 - Enlisted Ranks

Prussia: Dragoon-Rgmt. 2 (Schwedter Dragoner) - Officer Ranks

Baden: Grenadier-Regiment No 109 - Officer Ranks

Anhalt: IR 93 - Officer Ranks

HelmIR92Mann HelmSa1868M HelmIR115Mann HelmDR3Offz

Brunswick: IR 92 - Enlisted Ranks

Saxony: Helmet for Cavalry M 1868 - Enlisted Ranks

Hesse: Leib-Regiment No. 115 - Enlisted Ranks (chin scales only for parades, ...)

Prussia: Dragoon-Rgmt. 3 (Grenadier zu Pferd) - Officer´s Ranks


Prussia: Shako for Guard-Jager und Guard-Schutzen - Enlisted Ranks


Prussia: Shako for future officers (Fahnrich) of Guard-Jager and Guard-
Schutzen Regiments


German Empire: Shako for NCO´s of the Marines

TschakoSeeOffz TschakoJ10Offz

German Empire: Shako for Officer Ranks of the Marines (Seebataillon)

Prussia: Shako for Officer Ranks of the Jagerbataillon No. 10

TschakoJ14Offz TschakoSkiBatOffz

Mecklenburg: Shako for Officer Ranks of the Jagerbataillon No 14

Wurttemberg: Skako for Officer Ranks of the Mountain Bataillon (from 1915)

KratzNeu KratzInf MutzeOffzInf Muetzen

Prussia - Krätzchen for Infantry - Enlisted Ranks (...of the shelf)

... after time in the field

Prussia - Peaked Cap - Officer Ranks

Saxony: Kraetzchen for Schuetzenregiment No. 108; Prussia: Peaked cap for Jaeger und Leib-Hussars Nr. 1, Kraetzchen for Leib-Hussars Nr. 1

MuetzeM16 KraetzIR108

Bavaria: Peaked Cap M 1916 - Officer Ranks; in Prussia: M 1915 - the same cap but with other cockades

Saxony: Kraetzchen for Schuetzenregiment No. 108, fieldgrey (this fieldgrey is more Greeen than the filedgrey of the normal Infantry)