All shoulder board insignia are copies and made in copper (not in brass) and gilt. Most of the insignia existed in 3 sizes to cover the sizes of the shoulder boards from lieutenant to colonel and the epaulettes. Those regiments which had a foreign monarch as its chef had casted high insignia and not the flat stamped insignia. Also theese insignia I produce as galvano. The expenditure is higher and so is the price.

The base material used for the shoulder boards is a woven silver bullion (no plastics) which closely matches the originals, but unlike the originals will not tarnish. The weight and the size are almost identical to the originals.

LtMjSchSt LtSchst LtAriSchiSchu LtMjSchuTru

Prussia: Shoulder boards for lieutenant and major with red backing

Prussia: Shoulder boards for lieutenant with red, gold, and white backing

Prussia: lieutenant (Field Artillery School)

Colonial Troops DSWA: lieutenant and major

GenSchStPrBay SchStMix1 Passanten SchStMix2 EpaulettIR110

Prussia + Bavaria: Shoulder boards for general major

Prussia: lieutenant
Bavaria: major

Original tress for the officer's uniform: top - Prussia, center - Hesse, bottom - Empire

Wurttemberg: colonel of regiment No 121
Prussia: major

Baden: Epaulette for a colonel in Grenadier-Regiment Nr. 110

CA3Groessen Auflagen1
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Three sizes of insignia offered (shown: IR 94)

Various insignia for shoulder boards available